Location of Project – HUNTERS HILL

Year Project Commenced – 2015


I first met MHDP architects Ben Johnston and Mark Hurcum when their client engaged my Feng Shui consulting services for their high-end residential project in Darling Point, Sydney.  I had the privilege of observing Mark and Ben in action, and was extremely impressed with the way they understood, communicated and connected with the client.  I loved Mark’s enthusiasm and design flair, and Ben’s resourceful and practical ideas when dealing with the challenges of a complicated project.  I found it inspiring to work on a team with such brilliant and creative architects.

A decade later my husband and I found ourselves in the position of client, conducting an extensive re-development of our own property.  We interviewed a few recommended architects, however none were able to share the vision of transforming our home’s 1950s style into an Art Deco design.  I contacted Ben and Mark, and upon examining the site they immediately understood what we wanted to achieve.  We engaged MHDP as our architects, and could not be happier with our decision.

Mark and Ben interpreted my vision and artistically sketched the concept designs.  Their team skillfully prepared the design detail required for council and our builder.  I appreciated the patience that Ben showed me when dealing with numerous changes that we made to plan.  Ben was particularly helpful in dealing with many challenges throughout the DA process.  We were impressed with his practical advice and clever solutions, that satisfied the council’s requirements while also preserving the integrity of our design.  During the building process we came across unforeseen issues and times of uncertainty, however we felt a sense of comfort knowing that we could trust Ben’s judgement and expert guidance.

We are very grateful to have had MHDP architects as part of our amazing project team.  They helped us transform a tired old house into an exquisite dream home that is wonderful to live in.  They were also great to work with and respectful of the Feng Shui concepts that formed part of our design.  I highly recommend MHDP architects and will be keen to work with them on my next building project.



Location of Project – MONA VALE

Year Project Commenced – 2011


My relationship as a builder to MHDP Architects goes right back to 2006 with our first project together and then onto a journey than spans greater than 20 projects, and I have to say it has been the most rewarding and inspirational time of my career.

We have built small extensions and cheap functional additions right though to top end housing projects, renovations and multi-unit developments. MHDP is highly capable of providing top quality designs and project management to suit any clients budget and desires.

They are highly professional in every aspect of their business, actively listening to client’s problems or issues with an open mind and ensuring that communication remains open, honest and see through from beginning to end. I can always be a quick phone call or email from being in contact with an architect that can help me solve a problem or make an on the fly descion without the delays and red tape I’ve experienced with other companies. The MHDP projects always run beautifully smooth beginning to end.

I do love building MHDP designs, they design truly beautiful and artistic houses, yet they always remain “buildable”. I don’t believe I’ve ever received a design or detail that has ever been so architecturally fanciful that it could not be built using current methods or available materials. This is quite an important quality to have as an architect as it creates a faster build time not having to invent details from scratch and pays off twice fold by saving the client money.

Their performance is second to none and their concern for client’s value for money is always a number one priority.

When problems do arise on site as unfortunately, they can do with Contractors/ authorities and neighbors etc., I’m always confident that MHDP will be there to help negotiate a suitable outcome for everybody and this has been a great help over the years.

Mark has designed my last family home of many years and currently in the process of designing our future home too. I can proudly say that I’ve loved living in the last house as it was a beautiful and functional house which also gave a substantial profit on the way out. He nailed the design first go, after my own many attempts at coming up with something failed.

The same has to be said for the latest concept, Mark has a knack and vision to come up with the perfect design with ease.

I would highly recommend anyone to give MHDP a go for their future projects, and I’d be confident you will have an enjoyable experience through the process and end up with an outstanding design.



Location of Project –  SEAFORTH

Year Project Commenced – 2015


I have known Mark since the first days of his practice when I engaged him to do a residential conversion of our then factory / small Wool Store in Ultimo.  More recently, I re-engaged with Mark to produce a beautiful house for me at Seaforth and another for my son at Castle Cove.  Mark’s love of the water and his eclectic interest including boats, cars and planes ensures the client will always get an out of the box stand-out solution. He has an infectious enthusiasm for ‘your special’ project throughout the process and is a genuinely nice person.

It is a rare ability these days for an architect to hand draw and sketch alongside the client in order to illustrate an idea or concept for them, making it easy for the client to understand the concept, even for the more non-technical of us.

MHDP Architects financial management and overall understanding of the cost implications of every design decision at the earliest stages is exceptional – avoiding costly re-documentation because the builders prices are over budget.  MHDP know first-hand the constraints of a project budget based on their own design and development projects. This brings real value to the table.

The team’s project management is second to none. Their ability to deliver projects on time and to the agreed quality through a network of quality builders and suppliers based upon trust, long developed loyalties and well honed experiences creates the best outcome for their Clients.

Mark and Linda remain very good friends with whom I enjoy waterfront/boating interests and activities.  I highly recommend MHDP for any challenging site where a statement can be made, preferably with a water view.



Location of Project –  PUTNEY

Year Project Commenced – 2011


MHDP’s very flexible collaboration and ability to realise ideas into a beautiful and very liveable home makes it a joy to work with The MHDP team.  Mark’s ability to interpret a brief by listening and spending time with us to produce our dream is the reason we partner with MHDP still today.  MHDP’s very thorough and succinct communication ensured a seamless relationship with all stakeholders, particularly with builders, enabling very timely and effective responses to enquiries that required clarification or further detailing. 

MHDP Architects are very informed and their advice to us was always based on substantial experience in neighbourhood projects.   This experience ensured little-to-no friction during the planning process with neighbouring properties and council and also during the building process.

MHDP enables a very informative and progressive process from the initial idea generation right through to OC.  So much so, it encouraged us to almost immediately embark on a second project with MHDP and now we are on to our third.  We look forward to continuing to work with MHDP on more projects in the future. 




Location of Project – NARRABEEN

Year Project Commenced – 2011 | 2015


It is an absolute pleasure to live in our Mark Hurcum designed home. We know this – as we have deliberately sort to live in two of these homes now and we enjoy the benefits of living with exceptional design every day.

It is a joy to be in such beautiful buildings and in such beautiful spaces. These spaces have flare. They have been well thought through to function efficiently for us, the occupants,  providing a lifestyle quality sadly missing for so many. 

The clean curves and angles of walls and the voids between storeys provide vignettes of simple interior and exterior viewpoints, the all-important air flow and connects the occupants to each other through sound paths. Our living areas have been on the second floor where the views are, where it is light, bright and the recreation and entertaining spaces inside and outside flow easily.

The ambience created is welcoming , light, comfortable, safe and secluded (“hygge” in Danish) – true retreats from the outside world. 

Then there are the little things, the deep blue pool,  unobstructed window corners, staircases built wider at the top to beckon you up, private sight lines and the artisan interior and exterior finishes.

Coming home to our MHDP spaces is such a pleasure and a relief. 



Location of Project – DARLING POINT

Year Project Commenced – 2009


We would like to thank Mark , Ben and the MHDP team for their work in designing and building our home at Darling Point. The original design for the new house was drawn by a noted Sydney architect but the estimated build cost was way beyond our expectations. MHDP managed to take the plan and reimagine it in a much more cost effective way, with many added improvements, then introduced the builder and got it built, on time and on budget. Amazing. We are very happy with the end result and the whole project was carried out in a friendly inclusive manner, which helped make this an enjoyable experience from start to finish.



Location of Project – NORWEST BUSINESS PARK

Year Project Commenced – 2016


I have used MHDP Architects for six years across a broad spectrum of Architectural projects: a commercial high-rise planning proposal, multi-home residential, apartment and a personal home renovation.

At the beginning of any project Mark and his team are very quick to get across the brief and put together excellent concepts which become the foundation for further discussion and design. One feels the desired outcomes are well understood and always front of mind.

I remember the first ever project Mark was invited to quote.  He was head and shoulders ahead of any competition having studied the brief, analysed the landscape and hand sketched a concept. Mark went well beyond the extra mile than any of the opposition who auditioned.

Mark and his team are at all times enthusiastic and on top of the detail. They are structured in their design and build methodologies along with their project management processes. Value for money is a priority leading to budgets that are thorough, tested and well documented. One is never left wondering how the actuals are comparing to budget or expectation. Changes are inevitable along the design/construct journey however any anomaly is embraced, analysed and dissected to avoid any confusion or repetition and before assimilation into the project. 

I have found Mark to be very practical with his approach and design – giving suitable architecture and style priority but not at the expense of functionality.  Led by Mark, the team works well with the builder managing the project, maintaining good working relations and respect.

I have no hesitation in recommending MHDP Architects for any architectural project and I’d be happy to act as a reference at any time.



Location of Project – NEWPORT

Year Project Commenced – 2017


From Better Homes & Garden – 30 August 2019:

These homes have got every element you could ask for.  Each home has a very flexible floor plan that can easily be adapted to have two self-contained levels for multi-generational levels. Liveability and practicality are at the forefront of these beautiful houses, aimed at those who want to downsize without compromising on luxury.

It’s all about the Nautical theme, plenty of open decks and balconies…. The buildings echo the Deco theme. The spotted gums almost feel like they are part of the structure, like the column holding up the building. The trees frame the water vignette and create a beautiful foil for the architecture. It’s a real balance of good design of the vertical and horizontal elements inspired by nature: the vertical trees and the horizontal strata of the natural sandstone.

These homes have got every element you could ask for.  Each home has a very flexible floor plan that can easily be adapted to have two self-contained levels for multi-generational levels.



Location of Project – BELROSE

Year Project Commenced – 2011 


Glen Street is the grande dame of Sydney’s suburban theatres but, after 27 years, [the theatre] was in need of an overhaul.  This is more than a renovation – we’re adding a state-of-the-art library, a café and a wine bar to create a new centre for the arts on the Northern Beaches.

This is an incredibly exciting development that will create an active cultural space that is unique in Sydney. Our theatrical and musical productions will stay but we expect people visit more often and stay longer – whether it is to sit in the café, use the free Wi-Fi or to read magazines from the library.

The bush setting will also be enhanced thanks to new landscaping which will allow us to stage more outdoor events.



Location of Project – AVALON

Year Project Commenced – 2013


Australia by Design – 25 August 2019


You can definitely see all the nautical influences, although it’s not just about nautical is it – it’s aeronautical.  The building is about movement – boats, Halvorsens, flying boats. The building isn’t static. The kitchen bench is a Spitfire wings, the raked window in the stair is a reference to the great viewing platform of a Zeppelin and the awning over the entry is a real restored DC3 wing – a great arrival and a great sense of drama at the beginning of the house.  This was an ambitious project that has been carefully considered from top to bottom to ensure that it fitted perfectly into this incredible site.  It’s now become a landmark project for the area.


This is Pittwater.  This is what this house is all about. If you want to travel up a hill in Pittwater you go to a bay, you climb up a water course and each rock ledge gives you another aspect as you climb up the hill.  This house is built exactly that way – each level gives you a different perspective of Pittwater. 

 You get that seamless transition to the reason why you would build a house here.   A natural response to a view like this would have been to just maximise it across each level, but instead it’s much more critical to curate the views in such a way that you make people look at it in particular ways and different aspects and that has worked extremely well here.



Location of Project –  NEWPORT

Year Project Commenced – 2008


We wanted to let you know how grateful and impressed we have been with the way you designed, managed and finished the project of our dream home at Crescent Road.  It is just beautifully built and finished and we cannot fault it in any way.  It is just a pleasure to live in and it is hard to leave and go to work each day.  I have been told many times of the building nightmares that people have had, but I cannot think of anything that was a problem for you to fix or adjust if it was needed.

The design of the house is just spectacular, and all our visitors can’t believe it.  The house is built perfectly, not a creak or a noise or anything when you walk around.  I did not anticipate that this size project could go so smoothly without any major hassles.  It is a credit to you and your team.  Their dedication and attention to detail was unbelievable and that’s what made it so easy for us.

I hope I can get you to do another project for me one day.  Congratulations and thanks for giving us a great home.



Location of Project –  ROSEBAY

Year Project Commenced – 2006


Mark Hurcum designed a beautiful new home for our family which delights us every day.  It’s built on the site of our old home of 40 years, on a hill in North Rose Bay overlooking Sydney Harbour with spectacular views on three levels.  We loved the old house, but after so many years and so many steps, mobility became a major consideration of our Parents.  We had to demolish the old house, excavate, install a lift and rebuild – or move.

At his first appointment on site, Mark quickly articulated the features which made the old house comfortable, practical and interesting.  He helped us realise that it was important to provide references to those features in the new design, thus connecting the new design with memories of happy times past.  As with so many suggestions made by Mark and his talented team, I’m so glad we listened.

From the first interviews, through briefing, design, detailed planning, council meetings and finally throughout the build, we were impressed with Mark’s dedication to achieving excellent outcomes at every stage.  Mark’s frontline team of Matthew, Ben and Tim also provided essential input and support.  The result is a wonderful home and garden, designed with elegant proportion and detailed to exacting standards.

It’s been a pleasure to work with MHDP and to celebrate a successful outcome with the guys who worked so hard to ensure our happiness in our new home.



Location of Project – PITT STREET SYDNEY

Year Project Commenced – 2002 | 2010


I have known Mark in a professional capacity since he commenced his practice and is my architect of choice.  He has effectively and enthusiastically completed assignments on a range of residential, industrial and commercial projects delivering workable and creative solutions.

What differentiates Mark is his willingness to listen to what the client wants to achieve.  He typically then delivers a number of options so that in arriving at a decision your boundaries are stretched.

His enthusiasm and professionalism has never wavered, be it a colour scheme for an industrial complex, to a residential project or to a major CBD development.


Project – R7 Bulahdelah Residence |C7 Somersby Industrial Development

Location of Project –  BULAHDELAH | SOMERSBY

Year Project Commenced – 2006 | 2007


I have worked with Mark and his team on three very distinct and different projects.

The first was a family home on a special coastal site that needed to respond to our emotional connection to place as well as satisfying our functional requirements on a difficult site.  The design we created with Mark more than met our expectation.

Our rural retreat at Bulahdelah had to provide space for extended families, work as a conference facility and still feel like a private, personal space.  This was our second time creating and building a facility like this, so we knew what we did and didn’t want, it had to be different from anything we had seen or stayed at.  It has outperformed my expectations which were very high to begin with.  The building allows people space and time and positively impacts everyone who visits.

For our new manufacturing facility we went to a budget “pop out” industrial shed builder.  Mark was able to work with their building system to achieve the best looking factory I know of.  This was achieved by lots of little things – colour and proportion that transformed a pop out building into something special.  We wanted a great work environment for our factory and office workers as well as creating a great impression on our customers.  The building has been successful on all counts.

Debate with architects often ends with toys being thrown out of the cot – while Mark defends his ideas it is not to the death.  He allows and encourages you to be involved in the process of design and retain ownership of the project.  The result is an enjoyable, engaging process and outcome that you look back on as valuable in every sense of the word.



Location of Project – NORTH CURL CURL

Year Project Commenced – 2005


The first discussion with Mark was about what I wanted to do with the site, it was not about what he wanted or would do.  This capacity to work with me and do what I wanted to achieve yet contribute so much more than I expected resulted in an enjoyable and successful process and outcome.

The site I had bought had a number of seemingly conflicting constraints including two separate covenants along with restrictive Council controls for a sensitive site.  Impressively the design that developed was able to resolve all these issues as well as encompassing my specific requirements not only for the building design but for the way it was to be built.  In understanding that time was an issue Mark achieved a design that was quickly approved by Council.

Although my brief was for a large home it doesn’t feel big because everything is within reach.  The day-to-day fundamental movement through the house is direct, making it a delight and joy to live in.  I live in and enjoy every aspect of the house and it amazes me that I have never discovered an opportunity that we missed in building this house.  The way it responds to the views, the site and the environment are a constant pleasure.



Location of Project – ARTARMON

Year Project Commenced – 


Pimas Gale Constructions Pty Limited have worked with Mark Hurcum Design Practice for over 15 years delivering many high quality homes and commercial projects.  We have always found them to be very professional in their performance.  With exceptional site skill being able to work through any on-site issues if and when they appear during construction.  Being able to work as a team and understanding each other’s detailing it allows us to build without costly, unnecessary documentation, saving the clients overall architectural costs and minimising expensive building variation costs.

Our work with MHDP on the Point Piper home resulted in Pimas Gale winning MBA Australian House of the Year and Builder of the Year.

When it came to designing our new office MHDP was our first choice to work with us on the project.  A dilapidated old factory/warehouse was transformed into a glamourous office.  Mark took the time to understand how our office team worked and communicated.  The result is an office that flows efficiently with all staff/teams given areas that maximise their operation and efficiency.