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Location of Project –  NEWPORT

Year Project Commenced – 2017

The substantial value added to this site through strategic design and a managed construction makes investing with MHDP Developments a highly profitable position.

Mitala Newport is a multi-residential subdivision development in which MHDP was the Developer, Designer, Financier and Project Manager.

The project was used by the Practice to explore a unique housing type.  After 30 years of designing and delivering a diverse range of innovative homes, MHDP had the confidence to go to the market with an environmental/lifestyle product that celebrated the art of building, not a real-estate driven solution.  Through design and careful management the project was a resounding commercial success.

The site was constrained by a remnant Spotted Gum Forest, this was used as an asset that defined and informed the design and site usage.  The buildings are articulated to respond to the natural landforms and relate to the tree cover.  The building placement establishes an appropriate balance between privacy and community amenity.  All the properties share access to the waterfront facilities.

The four houses use a structural system of flat plate slabs on a grid of pillars.  All space defining walls are non-structural.

This solution is not only fast and cost effective in construction, it also future proofs the buildings.  Future renovations/refit will be cost effective.

The building form is inspired by weathered rock forms of Pittwater and its maritime focus.

The form and shape of roofs utilise prevailing winds to lift the air through the building and the profiled roof slab means the wind effectively cleans the roof of tree debris, a constant problem in Eucalypt forest.

While the four buildings share the same palette of materials and colour, like trees in a forest each one is individual and unique. Thus avoiding the usual “Rubber Stamp” replications typically brought to this type of project.

Environmentally the buildings are highly efficient with particular attention to light/sunlight/natural ventilation control and access with these elements directly influencing the form and articulation of the buildings.  All houses have solar panels and large stormwater reuse capacity.  The stormwater runoff is highly filtered to minimise impact on Pittwater water quality.

By using innovative building techniques, contract management and direct involvement with Trades, MHDP  prioritised quality built outcome.

The purchase to commencement took 12 months.

The build took 18 months.

The project came in on budget and program.

Principally aimed at a downsizing demographic with level access and internal lifts, living on one level and separable living quarters for extended family or carer (to allow for ageing at home).

The floor plans are very flexible and adaptable in use/layout to suit a variety of life phases/styles therefore future proofing the buildings.

The houses are about celebrating living in a unique environment.

While in some sense suburban this site is also part native bushland and coastal living.

These houses focus on making day to day living easy and experiential with plans flowing around function yet at every opportunity allowing appreciation of the surrounding environment. 


From Better Homes & Garden – 30 August 2019:

“These homes have got every element you could ask for.  Each home has a very flexible floor plan that can easily be adapted to have two self-contained levels for multi-generational levels. Liveability and practicality are at the forefront of these beautiful houses, aimed at those who want to downsize without compromising on luxury.”

“It’s all about the Nautical theme, plenty of open decks and balconies…. The buildings echo the Deco theme. The spotted gums almost feel like they are part of the structure, like the column holding up the building. The trees frame the water vignette and create a beautiful foil for the architecture. It’s a real balance of good design of the vertical and horizontal elements inspired by nature: the vertical trees and the horizontal strata of the natural sandstone.”

“These homes have got every element you could ask for.  Each home has a very flexible floor plan that can easily be adapted to have two self-contained levels for multi-generational levels.”


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