Avalon Residence - View from below


MHDP Architects has a proven and enviable reputation producing some of the best homes in Sydney and beyond. The successful resolution of great designs has not only enhanced our client’s lives but more often than not represents the most lucrative financial investment they will make in their lifetime. MHDP houses have set street and suburb sale price records, occasionally multiple times over.

MHDP houses do not have a set style or a look and that’s because we are building your home, not ours. The variety of the results speak to the importance of answering the client’s personal dream and vision, as well as responding to the unique nature of each site and locality. Context is very important to MHDP so that the works are a responsible addition to any streetscape and environment, be that in the inner city, the suburbs or the countryside.

Every person at MHDP Architects is committed, professional and passionate about the work and the way we do it.

Allman Johnston Architects (AJA) and MHDP Architects

We are delighted to announce the formation of a groundbreaking joint venture between Allman Johnston Architects (AJA) and MHDP Architects, combining their wealth of expertise to serve the architectural needs of the Southern Highlands and Sydney regions.

A Legacy of Distinction in the Southern Highlands

Founded in 1993 by Jim Allman and Donald Johnston in the picturesque town of Bowral, Allman Johnston Architects has solidified its position as a premier architectural firm in the Southern Highlands. Jim Allman, a well-respected figure in the district, brings a profound understanding and extensive experience in planning matters throughout the region.


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A recorded and shared “MHDP Culture” allows us to work within our team, with our associates and with our clients to establish trust and hold us accountable for the work we do and the way we do it.

A positive environment allows for greater creativity and achievement. While building is complex and sometimes stressful, we endeavour to minimise the impact and make the process enjoyable.

Fairness, honesty and getting the right results for everyone involved is key to how we work. We expect that of ourselves and we expect that of everyone involved in the project.

Download a copy of our MHDP Culture document here.