In 1991 Mark started Design Practice with his Partner Linda to explore a positive synergy between design and business.  The strategic analysis of design was applied to the business while business management principles were applied to the design and production process.  As a result, for 30 years the Company has been able to successfully provide a diverse range of architectural services for a broad spectrum of client and project types.

By being prepared to back his own vision and inspire others, setting up and managing the process, Mark has vindicated an approach to architecture, business, property investment and environment that delivers Win Win across the board to Clients, Associates and the Public.

Mark has read/studied and followed up a wide range of ideas in culture, history, creative, financial, engineering and social spheres.  Using this broad research and passion to evolve a way of practising and delivering architecture.

Mark’s enthusiasm for architecture and building, particularly the design process which he is able to communicate and embrace with clients, allows an ownership in the process of achieving their vision.

Mark’s passionate, design driven delivery is complemented by:

  • Strategic project planning
  • Knowledge of a diverse range of project and construction types
  • Understanding of the commercial principles of real estate and the application of Planning Law

Mark graduated from Sydney University in 1984.  Prior to working in architectural practice Mark worked in the building industry as a labourer, steel fixer, rigger and in a timber mill, as well as being involved in the design and building of sets for advertising and music videos.

During eight years spent working in two of Sydney’s most successful commercial firms Mark was exposed to a broad range of commercial projects.  Involved in the introduction of computer technology into the production process and with the enthusiasm to get involved in the decision making, Mark played a pivotal role in the major projects of both Practices.

Three of Mark’s signature projects, The Stamp Factory, Darling Point House and Dakota Avalon have won MBA National Awards.  Each of these projects was directly project managed by the Practice.

As well as architecture, Mark has diversified into property development, working in Partnership with previous and current clients.  The developments have identified unique creative and commercial opportunities.  Mark established the financial, creative and construction strategies for these developments and they were delivered to the market on time and on budget.  The resulting developments set new standards for building types and for the suburbs built in.  Commercial return exceeded feasibilities and market average.