Putney Residence - Plan
Putney Residence - CGI


Location of Project –  PUTNEY

Year Project Commenced – 2011

The Putney residence is an ultra-modern home for multi-generational living.  Designed together with and for an extended family, everyone felt included and part of the solutions to this home.  Incorporating some beautiful spaces and details, MHDP Architects was proud to be involved in this successful development and has gone on to work with the Client on subsequent projects.


MHDP’s very flexible collaboration and ability to realise ideas into a beautiful and very liveable home makes it a joy to work with The MHDP team.  Mark’s ability to interpret a brief by listening and spending time with us to produce our dream is the reason we partner with MHDP still today.  MHDP’s very thorough and succinct communication ensured a seamless relationship with all stakeholders, particularly with builders, enabling very timely and effective responses to enquiries that required clarification or further detailing. 

MHDP Architects are very informed and their advice to us was always based on substantial experience in neighbourhood projects.   This experience ensured little-to-no friction during the planning process with neighbouring properties and council and also during the building process.

MHDP enables a very informative and progressive process from the initial idea generation right through to OC.  So much so, it encouraged us to almost immediately embark on a second project with MHDP and now we are on to our third.  We look forward to continuing to work with MHDP on more projects in the future. 


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