Rose Bay - Model
Rose Bay - Front of Home


Location of Project –  ROSE BAY

Year Project Commenced – 2006

MHDP created in this project an enormous personal value for the Client to allow his parents to “age-at-home” gracefully and in the environment they love.

Another successful MHDP “Age-at-home” project.  After over thirty years of living on this hill-top site, the 87 stairs from the street and garage became too much for the owners.  By tunneling into the rock, a pedestrian entry and garage was connected with direct lift access to all three levels of the new home, allowing the two generations of this family to remain where they loved.  Level access to terraced gardens reconnected them with their passion for gardening.  The roof terrace is the crowning achievement, maximising the site’s amazing view.


Mark Hurcum designed a beautiful new home for our family which delights us every day.  It’s built on the site of our old home of 40 years, on a hill in North Rose Bay overlooking Sydney Harbour with spectacular views on three levels.  We loved the old house, but after so many years and so many steps, mobility became a major consideration of our Parents.  We had to demolish the old house, excavate, install a lift and rebuild – or move.

At his first appointment on site, Mark quickly articulated the features which made the old house comfortable, practical and interesting.  He helped us realise that it was important to provide references to those features in the new design, thus connecting the new design with memories of happy times past.  As with so many suggestions made by Mark and his talented team, I’m so glad we listened.

From the first interviews, through briefing, design, detailed planning, council meetings and finally throughout the build, we were impressed with Mark’s dedication to achieving excellent outcomes at every stage.  Mark’s frontline team of Matthew, Ben and Tim also provided essential input and support.  The result is a wonderful home and garden, designed with elegant proportion and detailed to exacting standards.

It’s been a pleasure to work with MHDP and to celebrate a successful outcome with the guys who worked so hard to ensure our happiness in our new home.


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