SHORE Industry Day 2023

SHORE School Industry Day 2023

MHDP Architects had 12 year 10 students from SHORE School come in for the day to learn what it is like to be an architect and try it for themselves – designing an indoor sports centre in Manly for one day.

The students were given a tour through some of MHDP’s current projects. Then for their design project, they learnt about site analysis, the brief, form and materiality and even had a lesson on the BCA through the wisdom of the Simpsons.

Working in groups, the students had the opportunity to input what they learnt into their design, eventually having them developed into 3D CAD models, elevations and mood boards, finishing at the end of the day with the chance to present their own designs.

MHDP then demonstrated the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for quickly generating convincing architectural renders based on the student’s concept CAD models.

After the presentations, MHDP demonstrated the power of AI for conceptual modelling by ‘feeding’ the images created by SHORE School students to MidJourney, which quickly produced photo-realistic concept images.


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