Director Benjamin Johnston celebrates 25 Years at MHDP

Benjamin Johnson

In July 2020 Director Benjamin Johnston ticked over 25 years at MHDP Architects.  He first arrived at Mark Hurcum Design Practice as a fresh-faced uni student in 1995, during his third year at university.  After initially working part time that year, in 1996 he worked his industrial training year at MHDP and then part time again while finishing uni and budging drafting materials off the office (MHDP’s early foray into Photoshop assistied to spec-up his uni projects too !).

In the early years, Ben continued the fine tradition of hand drafting on drawing boards as the office transitioned to CAD drafting.  Hand drawing has always been a passion and he quickly learnt to copy Mark’s wobbly line concept sketches.

Ben could always see the opportunity MHDP afforded him and never sought to go elsewhere.  He stepped eagerly into new shoes in the business whenever the chance came.  Under Mark and Linda’s tutelage he learnt the important business of architecture.  In terms of projects, he puts the Glen Street Theatre, Cope Street Waterloo, SHORE School and the Darling Point house amongst his greatest achievements over his time at MHDP.  But he feels strongly that seeing the office where it i s today, and being able to play his part and support Mark’s vision over 25 yers as truly the greatest achievement of all.


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