Narrabeen Subdivision - Street View


Location of Project –  NARRABEEN

Year Project Commenced – 1998

Undertaken as a development by a Client, MHDP Director Mark Hurcum liked the solution so much he purchased one of the two residences as his own home.

An innovative solution involving subdivision and built form to create two quality homes on 450 sq.m. lots.  With a shared driveway and attached garages to the rear, the street frontage reads as two houses set in generous landscape.  Designed around internal courtyards with living on the upper level the dwellings are classic beach houses featuring passive environment control, privacy and outlooks over the lagoon.


“It is an absolute pleasure to live in our Mark Hurcum designed home. We know this – as we have deliberately sort to live in two of these homes now and we enjoy the benefits of living with exceptional design every day.

It is a joy to be in such beautiful buildings and in such beautiful spaces. These spaces have flare. They have been well thought through to function efficiently for us, the occupants,  providing a lifestyle quality sadly missing for so many. 

The clean curves and angles of walls and the voids between storeys provide vignettes of simple interior and exterior viewpoints, the all-important air flow and connects the occupants to each other through sound paths. Our living areas have been on the second floor where the views are, where it is light, bright and the recreation and entertaining spaces inside and outside flow easily.

The ambience created is welcoming , light, comfortable, safe and secluded (“hygge” in Danish) – true retreats from the outside world. 

Then there are the little things, the deep blue pool,  unobstructed window corners, staircases built wider at the top to beckon you up, private sight lines and the artisan interior and exterior finishes.

Coming home to our MHDP spaces is such a pleasure and a relief. “


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