Location of Project –  DOUBLE BAY

Year Project Commenced – 2019

The Double Bay Marina project is an alterations and additions project to an existing building.

The Double Bay Marina project was alterations and additions to upgrade their marina office to be a celebration of its seaside location and purpose – to become something of a member’s clubhouse adjunct to the floating collection of boats. The new building is contemporary in its design with the material selections that takes their cues from luxury liners and cruiser saloons. 


The existing marina office was an 18m x 3.8m long building, which contained an office, accessible bathroom, storeroom/workshop and garbage room. The brief for the new marina office was to include a large lounge in addition to the existing rooms, all within the same building footprint of the existing. The lounge was to provide seating for 8-10 people, a kitchenette and direct access to the existing timber jetty. The project was an exercise in efficient planning to maximum functionality of space, not unlike the internal planning of a boat.

The use of light coloured finishes is clean and contemporary which echoes the coastal character of the surrounds. The building form resembles an ocean liner, with building elements that are streamlined to mimic nautical elements. The interiors are boat-like with careful attention to the timber veneers and accents throughout, reflecting a feeling of walking into the galley and lounge of a high end yacht.

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